A game made for Polyrealm Quarantine GameJam; Theme: Isolation

WASD/Arrow Keys/Thumb Stick - Move
E - Interact
F - Pick up and Drop items when available

Attribution :
- BGM by Tri-Tachyon - https://soundcloud.com/tri-tachyon/albums
- Cat, Screaming, A.wav" by InspectorJ (www.jshaw.co.uk)

You just started living in this town in middle of a forest. You got 4 neighbors too.
-An old man with his cat, they visit you in the middle of night and disturb your sleep for some reason
-An annoying army man screams in loud speaker, OOF!
-A girl, you learn is a secret Korean agent planning to plant nuclear bombs, she have guns so don't go barehanded
-And a rich kid bragging all the time
You can't take it anymore, you have to make 'em go, by any means.
Learn about their weaknesses and do the stuff.  FOR THE PEACEFUL ISOLATION

-No neko were hurt when making this game.
-This is a piece of fiction, this game doesn't encourage you to kill your neighbors because they are crap.  Respect them. Except when that's a spy trying to bomb the planet.


Jam Build - Windows 56 MB
Jam Build - Linux 65 MB
cantbearem_0.3_win.zip 60 MB
cantbearem_03_linux.zip 65 MB

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